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Latest update from AAMS2022

MMVIC President

Latest update from AAMS2022

The following is a brief overview of this month’s work:

Active Sponsorship Team – Nilesh Patil, Yashwant Jagtap, Manish Mangle, Vishwanath Awate, Madan Deshmukh, Kedar Damle.

  1. We have progressed with contract proposals with 2 sponsors (overseas) and 3 sponsors (local) .Few more local, overseas sponsors are in discussion.
  2. The Sammelan team would like to thank all those who have approached us and offered their sponsorship. We will contact you shortly, if not contacted yet.
  3. The AAMS 2022 team appeals to all the community to get connected with great event and to contact us for sponsorships.

Sammelan Online ZOOM series:

  1. We have finalised the artists list and are now preparing their respective contracts.
  2. We request everyone to watch communication on this front as weopen up the ticketing window.
  3. Please note that the artist list has well known performers, talents from Maharashtra.
  4. ONLY Sammelan paid ticket holders will get access to these Online series.

Food & catering: 

  1. Our team has taken the next step after sourcing 4 caterers.
  2. We have had discussion with 2 caterers so far and have requested a final quote, the remainder of 2 caterer meetings will be completed in the next 2 weeks.
  3. Once we have quotes from all the vendors, we will review the best menu offered as per our needs and then proceed towards negotiations with all 4 caterers who can deliver their services with quality.

Online website:

  1. AAMS 2022 is ready for launch and will be functional with Sammelan early bird ticketing by 10th April (if this date has tochange we will advise accordingly).
  2. This website has shaped well and has things we need to know about AAMS 2022, we will update the program charter with items to be presented as we start locking them in after Local EOI, Interstate EOI are categorized into day specific slots and overseas programs are finalized via contract.
  3. By visiting the website, you can find the photos & videos of the previous AAMS events, this will make many of you nostalgic and relive the past events.
  4. AllSamvadika’s will be available to read and watch on this website.
  5. We encourage visitors to visit the website and keep track the overall progress of the AAMS 2022preparations, once it is launched.


  1. Ticketing strategy is finalized.
  2. We will be publishing tickets on the AAMS websiteand also socialize everyone via emails.

Art and Deco:

  1. Art and Deco team members have put their creative hats on and have started the brainstorming for the decoration ideas.
  2. The Team visited the venue to get a good idea of what needs to be done in the space available.
  3. The team has drafted the idea about how to bind the entire venue as per the AAMS 2022 theme “Panchatatva”.
  4. We request volunteers to reach us if they are interested to support the team – please reach at


  1. We all know that no event can be successful without the support of our community.
  2. The Volunteering lead team has conducted a meeting and have drafted a plan and will invite all the volunteers for a meeting in the coming few weeks from now.
  3. Thank you to all those who have expressed their interest in volunteering for this mega event. The Sammelan team appreciates your involvement and enthusiasm.
  4. AAMS 2022 team appeals to all the community members to come forward and get involved with this mega event. If you have not expressed the interest in volunteering, please do so by sending emailat :

Interstate EOI:

  1. We are humbled to receive the huge response and interest from interstate in participating in AAMS 2022.
  2. The response is not only from Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, but we have received expressions to be included in AAMS 2022 from place where there is very less Marathi population such as Tasmania and Sunshine coast.
  3. We are very happy and thankful to receive all the expressions of interest in associating with AAMS 2022 and we will be contacting everyone in a few weeks’ time.

Local EOI:

  1. Along with the interstate, we have received a huge response from our local artists with a variety of programs, which is very heart-warming.
  2. The AAMS 2022 team has started communicating with contacts who have submitted their EOI to seek further details on their EOI, hence we request everyone who have submitted their EOI to keep details ready since this helps the AAMS 2022 team to ensure they plan the charter effectively.

 Promotion & Marketing:

  1. Our promotion & marketing team recently published a short video on Sammelan which was shared viaMMVIC Facebook page.
  2. We are working on a few more promotion items and will be released as they complete editing.
  3. We invite interested candidates, volunteers to reach us if they wish to be part of any promotion initiatives (video, songs, help us in editing, shooting etc.), reach us by sending email at