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Promoting arts at AAMS2022

MMVIC President

Promoting arts at AAMS2022

Arts, Crafts, Photography, Pottery , Decoration etc / (दालन)

AAMS 2022 team invites community to come forward and contribute in the Sammelan by demonstrating your various talents in Arts, Crafts, Pottery, Decoration, Photography etc. We invite you to share your work at the most awaited event in 2022.

Please participate and showcase your diverse talents , MMVIC management committee & AAMS 2022 team will be eagerly waiting for your submissions and happy to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talents.

AAMS 2022 team will categorize your submissions and display in the available space during our Sammelan.

Your Submission/Artwork display can be around our tagline “पंचतत्त्व हे जीवन सार , महाराष्ट्र धर्म वैश्विक विचार” OR relevant to Marathi Culture.

The deadline to submit entries is Aug 5, 2022 . Please submit your entries at with subject “Artwork”